AMS Spectral UV

The combined expertise of AMS Spectral UV – A Baldwin Technology Company helps fresh-off-the-press highlights shine: Novel technologies by the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance LED UV curing modules and systems makes printing significantly more sustainable, swift and versatile. Qualities that deserve an equally premium and innovative branding that covers the entire spectrum of this industry pioneer.

  • Logo redesign
  • Corporate design
  • Business supplies
  • Lookbooks
  • Marketing materials
»It’s rare to find such a combination of stunning design, flexible approach and attention to client needs all in one place. The result has pushed the limits of LED UV printing and shows what’s possible when art and modern print technologies truly combine.«
Steve Metcalf
AMS Spectral UV
Corporate Design

A harmonious union: visual rebranding of a successful fusion

Recently, two giants of printing technology decided to join forces: US specialists AMS Air Motion System and Baldwin Technologies fused their different areas of expertise – a milestone now also reflected in the new company’s brand communications. We crafted a consistent look and feel for AMS Spectral UV’s core brand values.

The redesigned business supplies, logo and lookbooks serve as essential tools to underscore and convey the new company’s excellent technical expertise and progressive design insights – especially at key roadshows, trade fairs and beyond. Jurors honored the innovative AMS Spectral UV brand concept at the 2017 Tech Awards.

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Making a Masterpiece: virtuoso visions based on novel technology

At the PRINT 17 tradeshow in Chicago, AMS Spectral UV – A Baldwin Technology Company debuted the second edition of its eye-catching LED UV lookbook. The lookbook‘s title, “Make A Masterpiece“, easily lives up to its promise: Razor-sharp highlights of neon ink, high-gloss spot varnish, strike-through techniques and metallic accents gave photographs and paintings a striking new look.

Most of these effects have never been seen before – or are almost impossible to achieve without state-of-the-art LED UV technology. A welcome challenge for our design team that, together with the Königsdruck printing house, gave these pioneering technologies pride of place, tailored to the lookbook format. The result: a brand-new level of design and technology. And a crystal-clear competitive edge for our new client.

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Making-of Lookbook 2017
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